Kalyanrao Metal Works a leading Manufacturer of Twist-Off Lug Caps in Maharashtra, India, Our Lug caps, also called twist-off or screw-on caps, securely seal jars and are ideal for high-volume packaging. They are easy to put on and take off, helping to speed up packaging and boost productivity.

Since 1978, Kalyanrao Metal Works has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality Twist-off Lug Caps in Maharashtra, India.

Our Twist-Off Lug Caps are manufactured from either tinplate or tin-free steel, ensuring a tamper-proof and vacuum-sealed solution that significantly extends the shelf life of products. Our versatile caps are perfect for hot, cold, and aseptic filling of various foods.

Features of Our Twist-off Lug Caps:

·      Material Options: We made high quality lug cap from durable tinplate or tin-free steel.

·      Tamper-Proof and Vacuum-Sealed: We Ensures our product quality and extended shelf life.

·      Versatile Use: Suitable for hot, cold, and aseptic filling, including processes like pasteurization and sterilization.

Customizable Solutions for Your Needs:
Kalyanrao Metal Works offers lug caps withspecialized PVC coating and puffed or solid plastisol lining compounds. Choose from either a ring-seal or full solid type to best suit your product requirements.

Enhance Your Brand with Custom Printing:
Kalyanrao Metal Works’s Twist-Off Lug Caps can be printed with vibrant, eye-catching designs and print matter to enhance the visual appeal of your product packaging.


Why Choose Kalyanrao Metal Works?
With over four decades of expertise, Kalyanrao Metal Works is your trusted partner for top-quality lug caps that not only protect but also enhance your products.

Kalyanrao Metal Works’s Twist-Off Lug Caps available in several size ranges and types and the customers can choose from various profiles such as with or without step and button, different heights for example. regular, medium or deep and fluted or angled side wall. 

For inquiries and orders, reach out to Kalyanrao Metal Works and discover how our exceptional twist-off lug caps can benefit your business.